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Here is a quick guide to help you re-heat your product for best results...

...Chilli con carne, ...Chicken curry, ...Chicken massaman, ...Vegan massaman, ...Chicken penang, ...Dublin coddle, ...Tom yum moo,

From frozen, loosen lid, microwave for 4 minutes on 80% power, stir if possible, microwave for a further 4 minutes.
Stir, check larger cuts of meat to be piping hot, microwave further if required.
...Mashed potato,
From frozen, remove from packaging to suitable dish (no lid), microwave for 2-3 minutes on 80% power, stir, test for piping hot, further microwave 1-2 minutes if required.
Store all products in a freezer until used.
Garlic butter & Peanut butter can be moved to the fridge a day before first use, keep in the fridge from then on.

Ms.Nam Patcharapol
Maya's Kitchen Hua Hin team leader.